were do i put the cheat.zip file for the emulators on the wii u

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    May 10, 2017
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    yeah i have the cheat.zip file which has cheats for every game system (game genie,action replay,gameshark) codes but when you load the game and emu through retroarch. the game loads but when i wanna load a cheat how do i get the menu to show up for all the games for that system so i can select my game that im playing. am i doing something wrong??? where do i put the zip file or do i have to unzip it ?? what directory does it go in??? apps ?? i see youtube videos of this guy doing it like its nothing but he dont give a description were to put the zip file or unzipped file. can someone help me because i like to put my own codes inplace of some of the ones that are already there thanks.