Well I'm screwed....

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Neku_Sakuraba, Aug 29, 2010.

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    Well my wii was acting up and maybe u guys could help. I was trying to acces the HBC from the preloader. I thought I had to just install the dol again so I did from the preloader. I ended up hurting HBC and it stoped working. I then re-installed HBC thru banner bomb. It worked so I decided to do a re-install of the firmware back to 3.2u (I'm using waniko's custom 4.0u, which basically removes all of Nintendo's anti-hack crap). Well I start the downgrade with any regionchanger 1.1 (haven't bothered to update but has worked before) and It told me ret error 1017 (I think i'll update with proper info) and tell me I have a bad hash! I can't even install wads! I need help desperately!
    UPDATE: it was ret error 1017 so i changed it....
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    I'd reserve saying you're "screwed" for when your Wii is bricked.

    Isn't 1017 no proper cIOS found? I think that's the error number.
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    Ever heard of bootmii?

    Its like using a condom; a lot safer
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    How about you update your wii hacking with some modern methods and apps. Everything you have said and used is over dated. Have a read of one of the two stickied guides.
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    agreed, why cant people just search for and read? its not hard at all... really it isnt.