Well GBATemp, I have a gift for all of you.

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    Probably being lazy.
    Ok, you all may not have been aware of this, but I made a bet in the back of my mind that these AK2.1 issues were not hardware related. It seems by the looks of the situation that that wasn't the case and they were, hence I lost the bet.

    My gift to you for losing my own bet is two save files. One for HG and one for SS.

    Both of these save files contain Pokemon that have already been given competitive EV spreads and movesets.

    All of the Pokemon have a normal version and a shiny version, sometimes with different movesets and/or genders.

    However this does not mean that all of them are legit, most are legal meaning that they fall within the range of legitimacy but only in terms of EV spreads and movesets. Some of the legendaries have traits that shouldn't be possible or PID's that cannot be assigned to them. Such as the Shiny Jirachi and most of the Shiny Legendaries. The shiny arcues in your party for example are not legit.

    SS Trainer info
    Name: Kento (Uses japanese wide style font so you'll need applocale and japanese fonts installed)
    Gender: Male
    ID: 12027
    Secret ID: ????? (Import into Pokesav to find out)

    HG Trainer Info
    Name: Maria (Uses japanese wide style font so you'll need applocale and japanese fonts installed)
    Gender: Female
    ID: 46415
    Secret ID: ????? (Import it into Pokesav if you wan't to know)

    Again, these were all created in Pokesav to be as close to being legitimate as I could, or in other words as legal as they can be. I again had to make some exceptions to follow the One Normal/One Shiny rule.

    All names are in english, and do not use the wide-style japanese font. No I am not going to go through each and every one of them again to change it to Japanese. I spent 4-7 days straight on these save alone last year, so please do not complain.

    If you are going to use these on Wifi then I will be a bit disappointed, but I cannot stop you from doing so. I actually anticipated this when I created these save files I do ask that you change the OT name, ID number and Secret ID of both the character, and if you so desire the gender of every pokemon (By doing this you will need to go into every 2nd pokemon of a species and edit them to be shiny again, as changing the name/id/secretID will remove their shinyness for some reason).

    The SS save is completed through Red, while the HG save is only past one badge. Use these with discipline and respect tempers.

    Rename them to whatever your rom name is, minus of course the .nds extension. Note that I will not re-edit these to suit any persons particular fancy (Such as Trainer Name, ID, SID, file name, etc). You'll have to do that yourself. Again I spent 4 days straight on these save alone last year, so please do not complain about this. I'm giving this to all of you as a gift, so if you all complain too much I'll just have it removed from filetrip.

    Now, without further ado, here are links to the saves (They are in the same .sav format AK2's and M3DSReals/0i's use, if you need another format then you'll have to convert it yourself with shunnywebs save converter). Both were tested using my very own backups of HG/SS (Courtesy of my Max Media Dock+Max Overload+AK2/M3 Real, and seem to work fine. They should work on Clean roms, although I haven't tested them with patched ones yet)

    You will need Winrar or some other archive extraction utility that has the ability to read and extract the contents of .rar files
    Get it here people, HGSS save from your friendly neighborhood Nuclear-Powered crow person

    Please read the readme, it contains the same contents as the description on that link
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    Thanks mans
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    Hmm, where's the thank button when you need it?

    Well, thanks for the save.
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    long long long post
    but thanks for the .sav ...

    saving my time to hunt for such a sa.v
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    Nov 1, 2009
    Probably being lazy.
    No problem people, I'm glad you all are enjoying this.

    I acutally take back what I said about not going back through and changing the Pokemon names to Japanese. I might do that for you all at some point (When I have the time and if I remember). I probably won't have alot of time this coming week with Homework and all that from college. If you want to do it yourself then install Applocale (Windows XP only), and Japanese fonts on your computer and Launch PokesavHGSS through Applocale with the locale set to Japanese. I don't know if changing the pokemon names will change the shinies back to being non-shiny. I know changing the ID and Secret ID of your trainer or the Pokemon will, not sure about the OT gender or name.

    However that will probably be the most I'll do. I'm not going to change the OT name/ID/Secret ID just for one specific person.

    Also, make sure you all make a backup of your current save before you use this one. It's not my fault if you don't and overwrite your own by mistake.

    I forgot to mention, on the HG save you already have the GB Player, which you shouldn't have yet. I did that so that you all can enjoy nostalgic tunes right off the bat. I don't know if it'll cause issues later. So far it hasn't and I don't think it will. If you are worried then just edit the save with PokesavHGSS and remove it from the key items.

    Otherwise enjoy!

    Oh and for those that haven't figured it out already. Yes these were all created in Pokesav. Please don't trade them off for other people legitimate pokemon that they worked hard to breed/catch/get for your own personal gain, although I can't really stop you from doing so.

    These saves do not contain any of my Personal Pokemon though, and my own HG save will soon have it's OT name changed to differentiate between the one I distributed yesterday and my own.