Weird problem concerning recovery mode and games not showing

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    Feb 12, 2008
    I got 8 Micro SD cards with games.
    Most of these I can just start the recovery mode/update on and start games with.
    And get returned to the game selection menu with everything normal when I exit a game like it's supposed to.

    However I have one micro SD card sometimes, (it differs sometimes and I swap games a lot)
    Which gets returned to the game selection menu, but no game folders like normal.. (use category plugin)
    Except for the folder with Recovery/update. So I run recover/update again.. However, it just returns me to the screen with only one folder.. the one with recovery/update.

    I hope everyone can understand me like this. Basically it seems like when i have played again the "hack" seems gone.

    It is very annoying to keep switching microsd's which have no issues, to load the hack again, to then switch to the "weird' micro sd card. to play another game. Also my Photophast CR 5400 seems to break because of the lots of switching -_-

    I tried copying SEPLUGINS and the .bin and memcard and one other file from the root of the "working" micro sd card over to the "Weird' one. but problem still persists..