Weird noise when connecting PS5's external HDD to extension cord


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Dec 31, 2018
Every day, before going to bed, I click the external HDD's red button in which the PS5's external HDD is connected to just to be sure because the PS5's external HDD or the extension cord in which the former is connected to does a weird and annoying buzz-like noise when it's connected to the latter (even if the PS5 is turned off) and I'm afraid I can have a fire. I can't understand if the noise comes from the PS5's external HDD or the extension cord in which it's connected to but it starts after connecting the PS5's external HDD to the extension cord.

I've changed the extension cord (and I still have this problem) and I already had this problem when the external HDD was connected to the PS4 and it was connected to the previous extension cord. Does this mean the external HDD may stop working, or even worse, may it fry all my devices connected to the extension cord or/and even have a fire? I only bought the external HDD two years ago and I've had this problem since then.
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