Weird black icons on 3DS home screen

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    I just installed CFW on my white old 2DS with version 7.1.0-16E and tried to open homebrew launcher with the usual download play method but that wasn't working so I used godmode9 and injected FBI into health and safety instead
    I installed all the homebrew CIAs I put on the SD card earlier and after exiting FBI the 2DS crashed but after restarting all my homebrew was there but there's also 4 black icons
    The first one has something like a default banner and a default sound but the other ones don't have any banner
    The first icon opens nintendo network settings, the second one reboots into update/recovery mode, the third one gets stuck in a nintendo 3DS logo loop and the fourth one opens system transfer
    I guess this will be gone when I update and it's not an issue for me but it's interesting and I don't know why it happened

    Also there were folders in the empty spaces but I deleted them

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    Update to the latest firmware, they should go away. If they don't let us know.