Wee Basic 0.3 - dual screen and stylus support

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    [​IMG]Wee Basic 0.3 - dual screen and stylus support
    BASIC interpreter by marovada

    marovada has released a new version of his BASIC interpreter for DS, Wee Basic 0.3. The main additions in this version are support for both the DS' screens, and stylus input. Full changelog and download below.

    [title:Changelog] version 0.3


    - editor: return key swallowing a character
    - editor: hopefully fixed remaining save bugs


    - basic programs now have access to both DS screens and stylus input
    - hide or show keyboard with commands ‘keyhide’ and ‘keyshow’
    - you must hide the keyboard before printing to, or using graphics on, the bottom screen
    - cls, print, plot and line can now be used on both DS screens. You must specify a screen number. Syntax is now (s= screen number 0 or 1):

    print s [at x,y]
    plot s x,y,colour
    line s x1,y1,x2,y2,colour
    cls s

    (s = screen number 0 or 1)

    - stylus coordinates can be obtained using stx() and sty()

    eg, let sx=stx() let sxy=sty()

    - check whether bottom screen has been touched with stt()

    eg, let touched=stt()
    stt() returns 1 for touched and 0 for not touched

    - new example showing the above features
    [​IMG] Download (Change extension to ZIP)
    [​IMG] Homepage
    [​IMG] Wee Basic development forum
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    Hmm, maybe I should port the old Microsoft QBasic Nibbles and Gorilla game. [​IMG]
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    So how is this different than, let's say... visual basic? (Besides visual basic being compiled for Windows)

    I do know a bit of VB, how can i apply what i know to Wee Basic?
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    gorilla would totally rock like it it did many years ago