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    So yes, my friend will be a TA next semester for a college course all about video games. What creative things for the course can you all think of? For example, the idea is floating around about having a world map be used for the course, and each major assignment is like a town or something. Creative ideas can also include little things like having the academic dishonesty part of the syllabus talk about how "attempting to use cheat codes will result in the corruption of your save file." Pretty much any input would be very appreciated if you can think of anything that would make this class more fun. The course description is below.

    Likewise, we have looked at how some other professors have setup their classes so that points are like experience points; each student starts at level 0 with the ideal level at the end of the semester being 100.
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    Do a study of how accurate modern war games are by taking the class paintballing before and after an epic Black Ops multiplayer sesh to see if their skills improve due to the influence of video games. Just keep the results away from politicians and anyone involved with the media on any level, you know how much those fuckers like to moan about this sort of thing.
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    edit: nevermind, just realised that this is VIDEOGAME THEORY

    This is up there with that college that has a class on Lady Gaga.

    edit 2: throw some LAPRing in there, with the final assignment for each class being a fight with the professor. 3 lives, 3 chances.