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    Nov 17, 2006
    United States
    Sorry if this has been addressed already but I searched the forum and could not find a thread about this problem.

    I have a 250 GB WD My Passport Essential and am trying to install games to it via wbfs manager 3.0, but their performance is hit and miss. I have been ripping my original backup discs with imgburn and installing them that way, but every game plays for about 2 minutes, then starts screwing up like the disc has stopped reading. I tried like 5 games and none of them worked. Then I tried some freshly downloaded iso files and those games worked perfectly, but I'd rather not have to find all these games online that I already have. The only game that I could not get working that way was smash bros. Whether ripped from a backup or from a fresh downloaded iso, it is stable for long enough to get through the menus and start a match, then fight for like 30 seconds before the controller stops responding and it eventually freezes.

    I've tried everything I could think of, like transferring directly from disc to wbfs with the WBFS Intelligent GUI. I've tried using many different loaders including SDUSB 1.5, USB iso loader GUI, and Wiishizza's loader. The games work fine when transferring from the Wii's disc drive, but my laser is sketchy (I've adjusted the laser's pot like 4 times to get it working again and it is on it's last legs). So especially there is no way I could ever load a troublesome game like smash bros that way.
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