WBFS on FAT32 parts issue???

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    I've got basically everything down my wii, from wii backups to gc backups so that's all good

    But today i tried to move SSBB as well as some bigger-than-4GB onto my FAT32 hard drive
    Obv got the "No bigger than 4GB" error

    So I split the games using Wii Backup Fusion for Mac into 2GB parts and moved them onto the harddrive in their own folder sin the wbfs folder

    On USB Loader GX, as soon as I move to the left or right, I get a black screen error.
    On Config USB loader I can load the games but like in SSBB as soon as I go into a Wi-fi match it froze or during the cutscene in Black Ops it froze

    I have other games I've ripped from a disc that are split that run smoothly

    Has anybody encountered anything similar?
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    Jul 3, 2013
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    The ones you ripped from disc might be split at 4gb - 1byte, rather than 2gb. It shouldn't make a difference, but there does appear to be a bug in cios where if a file is split across the wbfs split then it causes issues. SSBB is a tricky one to convert as well, some convertors completely mess it up.