Way to distribute Hoopa and Volcanion?

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    Is there a chance to distribute Hoopa and Volcanion via Pokemon Bank? I mean of someone upload them with hos nintendo id, gives this id to another user with a diffrerent 3ds , and this user can download them?
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    You can only use NNID on one 3DS console at the time. Unlike Wii U there is no way to just unlink it, you can only completely delete the NNID, which also deletes every single eShop license you have bound to the console.
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    I personally don't get the whole fascination with Hoopa and Volcanion.
    Is it because they're unreleased?

    Both of them aren't that great in battle. Hoopa is easily beat with BellyDrum/Waterfall Azumarill, Mega Gengar or Mega Banette and Volcanion is ruined by Garchomp or Haxorus.

    As for ways to distribute them, no unfortunately. ID's are linked to a console and can't be swapped between 3DS', as PewnyPL mentioned.
    Until such time that either Powersaves releases them or CGSE has a western release, they will be locked to Japanese games.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    from what i had heard you could do this....but you can only system transfer a NNID once per week....and then you have to trust that person not to just steal the NNID with pokebank on it.....plus if "person B" didn't have them how is he going to duplicate them to put them back on pokebank ready for the next person....maybe if "person B" had powersaves they could dupe, unless the plan would be to send it back to the original person at which case it would be a 2 week wait between each person getting them

    personally this plan is full of holes, you could pretty much guarantee someone would just do a runner with the account and/or raid it and take everything out of it and then the person who paid in the first place would be out of pocket

    plus im not too sure how the system transfer works i assume you would need to be in close enough proximity to the other user that it would make more sense just to do a local trade

    but anyways as i said im not 100% sure if pokebank contents would be transferred with the system transfer, but i imagine they would
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    Yes. You'll look baller as fuck going online with unreleased Poke's.
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    They're both in the community saves including the updated X and now Y online saves i just finished. :)

    Not sure if that helps, but hey they're there. :)