Wasabi v3 with Wii-Clip V5B on D1A / D2C chipset

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    I just installed a Wasabi v3 with Wii-Clip V5B on a D1A chipset NTSC. Serial number is LU334355647. The Green LED is on. Now I jumpered as shown for NTSC and the wii won't even play real original wii games. I take the jumper off and it plays the original wii games but won't recognize anythign burned from an .iso file. I also tried jumpering F to Q on the wii clip, which game we the same non-recognize disc, when inserting an disn created from an .iso file. I have read about people having issues with removing the wii-clip from the chip, but the large chip is stamped GC2-D1A and the smaller is stamped GC2-D2C. I'm not sure where my issue could be. I would appreciate any help anyone might have as to this scenario. Thank you so much.
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    What brand discs are you using?