Wasabi D2E Compatible Shipping.

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    From the Wasabi website:

    8th of July 2008 - D2E compatible version now shipping !


    The first batch of D2E compatible Wasabi chips just left the factory today. It should reach the first resellers by the end of the week. It's using VQ100 FPGA packaging and you can differenciate it with the sticker shown above. Wasabi has been the first universal modchip released after the introduction of D2C drives, and once again we're proud to be the first team to offer a chip compatible with DMS, D2B, D2C, D2C2 and D2E drives.

    Installers with a stock of rev.2 Wasabi shouldn't worry about it. A DVD Upgrade will be released next week that allows any D2C2 compatible Wasabi to be upgraded to the D2E compatible version using an old drive. No external programmer required, the update can be run on drives from DMS to D2C2. Here are a couple of videos demonstrating this update process, and a picture of a Wasabi rev.2 updated to work on D2E, courtesy of OZmodchips.

    Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

    Wasabi website

    Don't know if someone already posted it [​IMG]
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    cool, wasabi seems like an awesome chip [​IMG]