Was using Atmosphere fine, shut down and now it won't load.

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    Jun 8, 2019
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    So I had been using the latest version of Atmosphere (in airplane mode) on 8.0.1 for about a week. I then connected to my hotspot to download something on the homebrew store. I downloaded some themes because why not, then went to "install" them using the NX-themes installer. There was some sort of crash so I had to reboot. It rebooted into Atmosphere fine, but the theme I had install wasn't working right. I wasn't able to see what was selected. And no matter what I clicked it said I needed to update (and would need to restart). After restarting back to OFW, whenever I try and push a payload i get a black screen. I've pushed the exact same payload that worked initially. Even checked for new versions and am getting the same (non-)screen. Did my Switch somehow patch itself? I'm super concerned that something has happened that I can't work around.

    I know this might be hard to follow but I would really appreciate any insight you guys can offer me.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Delete the theme from your sd card. It's probably not compatible with the latest firmware or something
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