Was ever discovered a way to force 480P to Wiiware Channels?

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    Apr 3, 2013
    We know that certain games like Mega Man 9 & 10, or Contra Rebirth for some baffling reason were released with only 480i support making them look blurrier, and also you could even see the interlacing lines on a few of them. Trying to force them through Launchers or USB Loaders never worked (in Mega Man's case, not even 4:3/16:9 or language changes worked through Loaders!).

    When searching around, I can only find posts that are 8 years to a decade old (heck, the "similar thread" choices while creating a new thread point me to messages from 2010), so I wanted to know if there's a way of doing it today or new tools for this.

    The closest thing I found was a Superrsonic's post from 2017 to change MM9 and 10 in which you had to modify the files inside the WADs. I already modified GC PAL isos to play at 60Hz so I wouldn't mind to check this out, but then I'm unable to find a link for wwPacker or any other tool included in it. Also I don't know if it would work with PAL backups of my bought channels.

    I'd really like to put an end to this questions after so many years.
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    I think the decision behind the 480i blurry effect was a conscious decision based on the timeline of the system. Forcing the 480p would be nice but the 480i I believe was an aesthetic decision. Could be wrong.

    As far as I know... people had this similar discussion over @ GameSport (yeah...)

    gamespot /forums/nintendo-fan-club-1000001/wiiware-vc-and-480p-26253080/

    I can't post links as a newbie but I think you know what to fill in to get to the link above :)
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    Apr 3, 2013
    This subject has appeared in multitude of places, and of course this very forum too over the years, but the only time I saw something substantial was SuperrSonic's post. Besides that, nothing really useful.

    If this truly was a conscious decision, I personally see it as a very poor choice. Gradius Rebirth, another sprite-based game on Wiiware, looks GORGEOUS running at 480P.

    But I suppose it's to be expected, recent examples such as Square Enix FF6 iOS port and Chrono Trigger PC port look/looked incredibly awful, and when the developers were questioned about why they did that, they didn't understood what was wrong with it.
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