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    Oct 26, 2007
    Game name: Final Fantasy IX
    Genre: RPG
    Published by: Square
    Release date: 11/14/2000​

    I had actually played the game before. My best friend and I used to collect all the Final Fantasy games and we'd play 'em over and over, but for whatever reason, I never got to finish this one. Looking for an excuse to dig up the ol' PSP, I converted FFIX to an eboot, stuck it on the PSP, and got to playing the game again. I gotta say, I was thoroughly impressed. I certainly didn't remember the game to be THIS good.

    The story starts off pretty simple, but eventually unfolds into an intriguing adventure. It begins with Zidane, a thief whom is part of a group called Tantalus. The group designed a plan to abduct the princess of Alexandria, and are very surprised to find out she is willing to be captured. She had been starting to think that something was wrong with her mother, and wanted to go speak to her uncle, the king of Lindblum.

    As some events begin to unfold, Garnet eventually learns that Brahne (the queen) wants to get her back for the sole reason that Princess Garnet is a summoner. Once a summoner is 16, an "extraction ritual" can be performed to take the 'eidolons' away from said summoner. (Eidolons are the summons of this game). Brahne eventually gets the eidolons from Garnet and goes on a destructive tempest, destroying neighboring nations and leaving nothing behind. She is consumed by greed and power, and a mysterious man named Kuja is taking advantage of her foolishness to further provoke her and cause more destruction. He knows how to use her, and has her wrapped around his little finger, so to speak. That eventually leads to Brahne's demise, and Garnet must take revenge for her mother's death...

    That's the gist of Disc 1-2, and the game is 4 discs long. I don't want to go on and spoil to much, but the story truly is wonderful. It's very original and captivating, and made me want to learn more and keep playing as it progressed. It brings together unique characters and strange situations and weaves them together perfectly. I really enjoyed the story, and it left me with a complete feeling at the end.

    Score: 9/10

    I actually don't like Final Fantasy games that much for the fact that the gameplay can sometimes be repetitive and just plain boring. However, I felt that didn't apply to this game. The battles are fun and engaging because there's a plethora of skills, summons, and magics that you can use. There's a wide range of character classes, such as thief, knight, dragon knight, white mage, black mage, monk, summoner, etc.

    One thing I really liked about FFIX was the ability system. In this game, you learn abilities from equips. It sounds kind of weird, but it's pretty fun once you get used to it. Different equipments give you different abilities, and it actually persuades you to find equips in dungeons just to learn that ONE ability that you really want. It's also a good way to get the player to enjoy all the different weapons and accessories instead of just putting on the best stuff and smacking all the enemies around while doing tons of damage.

    There are lots of different places to visit, and there are lots of big towns and cities with lots of things to offer, such as an auction house, synthesis shops, different equipment shops, etc. Each town is different from the last, and it makes you look forward to continuing your quest.

    There are also many side-quests, such as finding Stelazzo Coins, helping out friendly enemies, getting the golden chocobo and all the chocobo treasure maps (chocographs), fighting Ozma (a very tough boss), and many others. It offers a wide variety of side-quests that will add on to the 40+ hours of gameplay just for the regular story. (I think it took me like 47 hrs. to beat the game)

    However, I do have one complaint. Although the battles weren't as slow as FFVIII, they were still moderately slow. This seems to be a recurring problem in the Final Fantasy series... maybe I'm just not used to them? The battles aren't THAT slow in this game, but sometimes, you'll tell a character to attack, and it will seem like everyone is just standing there like idiots for 10 seconds before anyone responds.

    Besides that, the world is vast, the battles are fun, the new ability system works well, and the game manages to keep the player entertained.

    Score: 8.5/10

    I really hate it when people rate these kinds of games low in the graphics department just because they compare them to stuff from this generation. Well OF COURSE FFIX is not gonna look as good as a PS3 game. But if you look at FFIX and compare it with other PSX games, you can clearly see that the graphics are above average. Square really pushed the PSX to its' limits with this game, and even now, the game looks fantastic in wide-screen mode on my PSP. The pre-rendered backgrounds are really good, and the characters look better than ever.

    I was kind of peeved at the character style of this game just because they have a certain "chibi" feel to them. To put it more bluntly, the characters all look like children. However, once you get used to it, it's no problem, and the game just looks amazing overall.

    Score: 9/10

    I'm a sucker for Final Fantasy music, and FFIX has got to have some of the BEST music in the series. The tracks are beautiful and emotional. I really like how each song fits so well with whatever place it's tied to, or whatever character it belongs to. The music doesn't get repetitive at all, which I found very surprising considering this is another recurring "staple" of the FF series.

    Score: 9.5/10

    Final Fantasy IX was an amazing game. Although it's 8 years old, the game has aged marvelously. It stands up to current RPGs because it has such beautiful music, such an engaging story, such awesome characters... everything about it is just so great! I'm so happy I decided to go through it again, because this is probably the best PSX game... if not, then it's the best RPG for the PSX, no questions about it!

    Overall score: 9.5/10
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    Turn around
    Now i know what to play after i finish Chrono Cross.
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    the learn ability system was also in legia 2
    I remember kept fighting tons and tons of monsters just to get no random battle ability [​IMG]

    FF9 is my favorite by far
    second would be FF8 or FF10
    then FF6
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    Ah, I've never made it past the first disc, and I've started maybe three times. It's one of those games on my list that I never get to. Hopefully soon!
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    Great review! This is my favorite FF game without a doubt, so it's nice to see someone give it props.