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    Apparently region locked. No idea on AP2.5

    Warriors_Legends_of_Troy-PAL-ROCKFIX-XBOX360-DAGGER also in some of the pre sites although I am not sure if that is a bad echo or what. US game apparently hit stores a few days back but no scene release yet.

    Although this is a different wing of Koei to those that usually do Dynasty Warriors this is always going to be looked at in the same light so before going on- yes this probably counts as "Ancient Greek Warriors" although it seems there is less focus on style and massive packs of enemies (still plenty though).
    It has got somewhat mixed reviews thus far with many critics coming down on the low side of things, such things are not unusual in this day and age for a warriors game (the series has seen many versions each fairly similar to the last which is a method which outside of sports games rarely fares well).
    On the subject of Dynasty Warriors the seventh game in the main series is due out in about a week (with online co-op), The First Templar (splitscreen and online co-op) not long after that and the new Dungeon Siege game is said to be far closer to an action adventure than previous entries which is due in May so there is a bit of choice in this genre over the coming months.

    e3 demo video (had more gameplay than most other videos).



    Warriors: Legends of Troy !!!!
    If only, the Legendary Warriors of Troy had tiger blood
    They would beat those silly Greeks in no time!