WarHammer 40K: Squad Command

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    Just played the PSP demo of the game.

    First of all: the game is not a RTS per se. I mean, is a little different than that.
    For those few who had an NGage or even remember, Red Lynx is the company that created Pathway to Glory, one of the few must have games on the system, Squad Command is based on the same gameplay of Pathway.

    Basically, imagine an SRPG without the grid, some movement points and a weapon-based aim system, if its too hard to imagine, let's say that the gameplay is the evolution of the X-COM: UFO Defense one, a lot easier to control and a lot more dynamic.
    You move the screen with the pad and tilt the camera a bit with the analog, since everything is made in a gorgeous 3D, the tilting really works to actually take a better look or extend the viewpoint of a soldier without moving the cursor, this is one thing the original NGage games and the DS one will not have.


    Each soldier can handle up to two weapons at once (in the demo, in Pathway, one soldier could carry 2 weapons and grenade kind one), when moving or shooting there are two positions, standing or low stance. For shooting each soldier has a stat that determines how many action points will be spent by shooting that weapon, if the soldier is good with melee weapons, shooting a gun more precisely for example will cost more action points than to a sniper.

    The scenario from the demo was completely destroyable, walls and objects were blown by explosions that could damage troops on the battlefield.

    Pathway really shined on the multiplayer aspect, THEN is when the game really feels like a RTS, each player had 55 secs. to move its troops. (Up to four players at once). This game is supposed to support Wi-Fi (don't really know for how many players but let's pray its more than 2).

    I really liked the demo, I must admit that now that I think about it, it feels a little with less depth on its gameplay, some minor things seem to have been removed from the Pathway style, but maybe its because of the demo (for example, now there are only 2 stances for each troop, in Pathway they were four).
    MO this could very well be the best handheld strategy game of 2007 (and yes I know it will be released on the same year FFT, Disgaea and Jeanne D'Arc ), look for a copy, sometime before Xmas and prepare to fight for the empire!.

    THQ's Official Site of the Game
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    ever play Phantom brave for the ps2 ? the grid and movement system kinda of reminds me of that