Warcraft TD v0.4 beta

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    = PAFS version was broken in the last release, now it’s working again
    = corrected the bug that prevented max towers bonus for first evolution to be applied at start
    = corrected colors of selection circle, it looks better now
    = fixed the animation bug when a monster is killed at spawn
    = fixed sprite scrolling, now sprites are in phase with background while scrolling
    + updated the map editor, see its changelog for details
    + added a bunch of new features for maps, like small & transparent monsters, W3 damage style, choice for the colors used in the minimap for painting entities…
    + complete rewrite of the sprite engine, now sprites corruptions problems should be fixed
    + added a nice zoom effect when building/upgrading towers
    + added current window display on minimap
    + you can now scroll the map directly by dragging the window on the minimap
    + monsters are now hidden and no more over a tower when you build a tower over a dead one
    + added a flashing message when a new evolution is available and wasn’t before
    + you can now scroll maps in the map selection screen directly by touching the scroll bar
    + added the option to build tower by double-tapping
    + added the option to choose L/R to work as a switch and don’t need to be held
    + added the option to allow to build multiple towers at once
    + added the option to choose the position of the in-game build menu
    + added an option menu
    + added a Linux script for PAFS version
    + added multiple paths management (up to 4)
    + removed the 40 monsters spawn limit per rounds, now up to 256 monsters per path can be spawned in a round (but remember that only 40 can be active)
    + added stereo sound placement
    + updated & added some new maps (try the map Hellgate Keeper’s to the new features in action!)
    + added a new pathfinder, quite faster than the old one but less accurate
    + little optimizations here and there
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    Great, thanks!