Wanting to replace a Black Wii Disk Drive

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  1. egsellsell

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    Oct 17, 2010
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    Ok, I wanna replace my black Wii's DVD drive so I can play burned gamecube backups. I bought a SD gecko adapter and am just not happy with the gamecube games compatibility with USB loading from the gecko. Where would be a good place to buy the dvd drive I'm looking for and possibly a good tutorial on disassembling a Wii.
  2. Sao Mortel

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    Jul 23, 2008
    Buying a gamecube console with a modchip is the best way to play gamecube games as for now. Theres an issue with audio streaming with most modchip an the wii so the sounds wont be good. You can find a gamecube for 20$ easy I think it will be cheaper than a new drive.

    You can also buy a gamestop refurb and sell your wii. the easier solution

    oh and if your still interested in wii drives