Wanting to play SSBM on my Wii via burned discs

Discussion in 'Wii - Emulation and Homebrew' started by YMSmash, Feb 8, 2016.

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    Feb 8, 2016
    so i wanted to play ssbm on my wii, and i tried to burn my dvd+r disc (x16) for it. however, my wii wasn't able to read it, and it told me to refer to the instruction manual for details. i then tried my starfox assault disc (which was also burned on dvd+r) and it worked. i then ran it via nintendont and it worked perfectly

    so a while ago, i retried burning another ssbm disc (at x4). i tried leaving it as a gcm file and burned it like that, but it gets error 002. i also tried it on nintendont but it gets stuck. i then installed neogamma to hopefully fix this but neogamma doesnt read the disc as well and just gets stuck at "reset disc" and after a while questions me if there's a disc inserted

    so i retried to burn another disc, this time i made it an iso file and burned it at (x8). once again, the wii couldnt read it and referred me to the manual, so i tried it on neogamma again. neogamma then presents an error code of some sort (i dont remember, my bad) and assumes that it's either dvd+r/bad burn/DL problem

    however, my star fox assault disc was also dvd+r but it worked, so how come when i burn ssbm into the same disc it doesnt work? does the speed (x6, x8, x16) matter? all my dvd+r discs shows x16. i didnt burn my starfox assault disc so i wouldnt know, the wii wasnt originally mine anyway

    i would like some help here, i rly want to play ssbm (and possibly other gcn games like paper mario) on my wii
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    Use nintendont. You just said it works.