Want to make a 11.2 Emunand/Rednand on my 11.4 A9LH Sysnand setup?

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  1. Thelonewolf88

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    I made a post in another thread (Gateway April Announcement) but the mods locked it.

    I still have my emunand back from when I followed the 3dsguide ages ago last year when you had to use the emunand steps. I think it was 11.0 at the time, as I remember updating the sysnand to 11.0.

    They are labeled "NAND_emu_original.bin" and "NAND_emu_formatted.bin" but cannot remember if you had to update the emunand at the time to the latest nintendo firmware version during this step, as the guide has been revised a lot since then. So not sure if these would be on 11.0 or 9.2 fw.

    Anyway, a user on that locked thread said, I could just make a Emunand now on the SD card and then downgrade it.

    Had a look at Godmode ( not too familiar with it) and I saw an option for Formatting the SD with options for emunand space, etc. Would this delete my SD completely, as I have over 32gb of CIA installs.

    Basically, I want to make a 11.2 emunand, so I can use my Gateway Red card with my a9lh setup.

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    Yes, formatting would remove everything off the SD card, however you can copy the files from the SD card to the computer first then copy them back after the format.

    I would use NAND_emu_original.bin" as that is your original EmuNAND (has your data like eShop account, etc) before you formatted the EmuNAND twice to fix the 9.2 downgrade brick that happened to some users.

    if you were at 11.0 at the time, the emu_original will be 11.0. I would not bother updating the EmuNAND from 11.0 to 11.2 as there is no benefit in doing so.

    Steps to follow:

    1. Copy contents of SD card to computer
    2. Format SD card for use with EmuNAND (NOT RedNAND, Gateway WILL NOT work with RedNAND) {not sure how to do this in Godmode9, I use EmuNAND9 myself}
    3. Copy data back to SD card from computer
    4. Copy NAND_emu_original.bin to SD card and flash that to EmuNAND (not sure how to do that with godmode9, I use EmuNAND9 still)
    5. use Luma to boot EmuNAND and see if EmuNAND works.
    You should now have a 11.0 EmuNAND (or whatever version the EmuNAND backup was) with 11.4 SysNAND

    You then can use the Gateway A9LH payload to launch Gateway as it will boot EmuNAND by default (DO NOT EVER BOOT SYSNAND with Gateway)
    this would go in your Luma payloads folder, then name it accordingly for which button you want to use to launch Gateway.
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