want to get card for my boys ds - where do i start?

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  1. Bad_Demonic

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    Mar 12, 2008

    both my boys have nds.

    i want to get them a blank card and put games on them so they can play.

    i don't know where to start , complete noobie on this subject so could u keep in dad (basic&easy) talk etc..... lol

    whats the best card to get and easy to use , where best to buy it from.

    and do all roms work on it?

    is it just a matter of loading rom on and it works?

    please help not want to some dumb but never got into the ds subject , and i would like to keep my 2 young boys happy.

    best wishes
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    DSTT, or CycloDS. I have both of them and they are good cards. They play mostly every rom, however DSTT is hard to get at the moment. So If you have some money I would go with the cyclos because they are $50 or so. If not, I heard leetmod.com has got some DSTT (the member Bri bought it from there). They are cheap, around $30 or so. And you will need at least a 1gb microsd card, and they both come with readers.