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    i'm going back to school soon and i haven't made my classes yet.its going to be my second year and i want to choose a major.
    i'm interested in learning how to code but the only problem is i don't know what kind of math i have to go through.is coding and programming the same thing in my mind i think they are.
    i'm thinking about choosing computer science for now but would like to know at the same time any careers in computers that really don't involve math like calculus because i never took that and don't know how hard that is going to be to learn.

    last math i took had to do with log or something i guess it was geometry and i failed at it.

    the thing is i know most computer careers how to do with math.i'm going to choose computer science a major tomorrow for now.if some how that doesn't work out hopefully someone here would give me something else to think about.

    this is a website i found today that may help me in the long run i still have to look through. http://www.khake.com/page17.html
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    Computers and maths share a very important factor - logic. Maths is mostly finding out how to crunch numbers and apply formulae to get the correct answers. Computers are essentially a complicated mass of logic gates (just think of transistors squeezed into all the silicon that goes into computers). Programming involves learning to manipulate code written in a language that best uses that logic. Not the most eloquent way to put it, but programming can either be perceived as a big mathematical equation, or as a second language. People who are good at maths tend to pick up coding quite easily.

    Easy way to find out if you've got any potential in programming - try and learn HTML. If you can't get your head around object based programming (or just "tagging" and "linking") then programming probably isn't for you.

    Other possible careers include computer engineering, computer building (simply putting the parts together), computer repairs (many apprenticeships available for this, since it covers both hardware and software problems), and systems management and administration (the most sought after computer career because so many people haven't got a clue). Of course, things may be slightly different across the "pond", but just try thinking about all the things you can do with computer technology and think of where in it you could fit in.
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    reverse engineer your career.

    Find the exact job you want......... find the uni course/educatuion requirements for that job...... and then finally work out what subjects you need to do at school to get into uni.
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    I went to school for software engineering and let me tell you it is not as easy as they make it.
    -Tones of people want to do it, therefore more competition.
    -With rise of piracy in software, it is more difficult to profit these days
    -It is frustrating and difficult.
    -No time for bitches and hoes.

    -You can wave your epenis around the forums about your computer knowledge... which is actually a con because it will get you banned.
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    I'm taking Introduction to Information Technology this semester at College, which is, for lack of a better explanation, a basic lecture on computers. Our professor told us that there are basically two career paths that you can go (1) Networking and (2) Programming. He also mentioned that the ratio of networking to programming is around 60% to 40% (who take up programming). As far as "Computer Science" goes, I've been told it's a heavily math dependent course. I suspect that even the networking route has to learn a fair amount of programming. If you're serious about an IT profession then you should first take a stab at some of the tutorials before meeting with a department-head/counselor.

    As Originality said, if you want to see what programming is like then you might as well take a stab at learning HTML, I'm sure that they're some tutorials available on yotube.
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    i ended up deciding to take a chance on what you are doing Introduction to Information Technology.i honestly don't know if working with computers is for me but i can't think of anything else.if i find its not for me i will end up changing my major.well i haven't chose it yet because i had to go to work today but tomorrow i will,besides i calledand heard i have until september 12.
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    well if your not so hot at maths then maybe another area in computing will be better for you, maybe have a look into networking there are many careers which dont require much math knowledge just an understanding of how traffic passes from one machine to another via direct cable connection or using a switch/router, gaining such qualification would get you a cisco or msce (microsoft systems engineer) which are quite sought after qualifications and would land you with a nice career if your young enough that is.