Hacking want advice on ordering? (fr volumerate, etc)


Dec 6, 2007
United States

okay, well it all started on 12/5/07 when i ordered from VOLUMERATE. At first they replyed quickly but they did not seem to know how to answer my questions (because they reply with something else and dont answer it)

after a while replys became better but still unclear. They even said they did not catch my order however i had my palpal reciept number and everything else after a week from saying they didnt have my order, they said they actually do have it and they where looking at the wrong email address... after that i told them to just cancle my order because their shipment did not come in yet..., by the way it took them 2 emails to understand the sentence, "I want to just completly cancle my order"


i went to TANGSHOP.COM. the R4 is still actually pretty cheap, its $44 dollars unlike volume rate which was $32 for the sample product? TANGSHOP did not have it in stock however, they replied to me saying they did not have it in stock to forewarn me. And Today, they emailed myself from their side saying it came in and it will be shipped early next week.


So lets break it down quickly...

- VOLUMERATE: $34 for sample (however they along with DX is currently not selling it..)

- TANGSHOP: Credit Card

- VOLUMERATE: Many who have ordered from volumerate have a very hard time tracking their item... however some dont. Ive seen some complaints where they had to make a new registration with their paypal account. (seen on page 1 of this forum) Another complaint where the tracking numbers were wrong, and some where like me (and the person on the first page) where their item does not show up under the status.
- TANGSHOP: Right after you order it, they give you a personal URL page emailed to you in which you can click on anytime to review your order, where its being sent to, the cost, the status, and its tracking. Very convinient.

Email Replies:
- VOLUMERATE: Was ok. At first they did not reply back really answering the questions. But they usually reply within 24 hours, if not 2 days.
- TANGSHOP: They seem to reply in 2-3 days.


So that was my expirience so far. Also those are of course just my opinion too. Hope this helps someone.

Have any questions, just ask me. And ill try help. lol


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