wanna ask before buy ez-flash vi

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    wanna ask some question to you guys..

    can i update not from card(via onlina) but directly to microsd with cardreader/microsdreader
    i saw from http://gbatemp.net/t239947-ez5i-long-term-review
    Updatable internal firmware requires ability to run code on the device (if you update and block yourself you will need to find another DS)
    what it means?
    can't i just replace the folder/file from old file/folder on micro sd with newer data i got from ez-flash website?
    is there any risk to do that?
    about download via online i just go to hotspot(a place with wireless internet connection from some device...) and do some click button and it will detect the internet connection or i must do some setting on ndsi to got internet connection

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    1. You download the update and put it on the microSD so you can update. Thats how everybody does it.
    2. If you update your DSi before you update your flashcart, you need another DS for updating the flashcart. The updater is a NDS file, you have to be able to run the flashcart if your going to run the update.
    3. Don't know, I don't use any online anything features to tell you.
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    2. It depends on the type of update. The most common is a kernel update which is stored on the microSD and is just a matter of replacing the old files on your SD w/ the new ones. Firmware updates require updating software that is stored on the cart itself. Firmware updates are mostly done to combat DSi updates that block flash carts and are run from the EZV menu the same way you run games.

    Let's say a DSi update 1.5 was released and it blocked the EZVi, if you updated your DSi to 1.5 before updating the EZVi w/ new firmware you would no longer be able to access the EZVi's menu on that DSi. To update the EZVi you would need to find a DSi that was still on 1.4 or lower or a DS or DSlite to update the firmware w/.

    3. You will need to set up your DSi to use the hot-spot you are trying to access. If it is a free hot-spot at a cafe or something it will most likely be just a matter of going to the WiFi settings and selecting the hot-spot from a list of the ones available and leaving everything else on automatic.