1. Skater4599

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    May 29, 2008
    United States
    I've been using an older compiled version of waninkoko's wad creator for a while now, Im curious as to why more people arent using this to dump there own IOS wads? Its SO easy compared to Bluedump for this, Just wanna make sure im not missing somthing and the wads it creates are not proper or somthing.

    I have had 3 problems though (which i know could be fixed, i just dont have the know how)

    No SDHC support
    Cant use USB since rev18+ (Im guessing due to the rename in the module of the cios itself)
    Last thing im unable to dump new cIOS i have, 224 hermes V5 57 base and rev19 57 base, unsure if its due to the base or somthing else

    Any insight on how to at least add SDHC functionality back? ^^
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