wainkokos dvd dumper with8gb sdhc

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by kornsk8er, Dec 24, 2009.

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    Sep 12, 2009
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    when i burned my super mario game, i did it with a regular sd card but had to use less then its full capcity and had to do 36 swaps,
    apart from being very annoying, the problem was i could not merge them, i tried cmd alot but it wouldent work
    wifi is not an option for me so i am going to buy a sandisk 8gb sdhc card so my question is: does anyone know if an 8gb sandick sdhc card card will work with any versions of wainkokos dvd dumper
    or if not any other hombrew app or wad that can do the same thing, thanks to anyone that can help.
    by the way i only just realized im posting in the wrong place for this matter after i posted it, so ill also post it where it should be if its not answerd here
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    Umm, you're in the wrong section.
    If you look up, you'll notice you posted in the Nintendo DS Acekard section.
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    Wrong section

    Anyways, SDHC cards are not compatible with Waninkoko's DVD dumper. Waninkoko's dumper is outdated. Use the latest superdump. It's a few times faster than Waninkoko's it does support SDHC and most USB devices.