Wad Manager Problem - Installs Wad But No Channel

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by octacon, Jul 28, 2009.

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    Jun 25, 2006
    Hey all,

    So its been a while but today I was trying to install some wads and to my surprise I ran into an odd problem. So I am running wad manager 1.3/1.4, I tried both and so everything seemed okay, wad manager installed the wad but when I went back to the wii menu the game channel wasn't there. I tried several times and different games with the same result. Even tried differend SD cards. Every time it says wad installed completed but its nowhere to be found on the wii menu. I am on 3.2U and I recently updated the homebrew channel if that matter. I haven't been able to find any thread with the same issue as me so I hope someone on here can help me figure out where the problem lies.