wad files with hbc and drivekey

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    I've had the drivekey for over a year now and love how easy it is to play backup games..
    but i recently decided i wanted to try using wad files and some of the apps, which has resulted in a lot of wasted time and a big headache.

    i keep seeing different reports of what i need..
    everything says you need homebrew channel so i installed the homebrew channel no problem.

    i was trying to get pokemon rumble installed, downloaded it with an IOS file included... which is where the problem starts..

    then followed the instructions with the files.. reformat the sd card, made app folder and wad folder..
    got wad manager 1.5 installed.
    now run wad manager and...
    i've supposedly installed 3 or 4 new ios files, tho the only new one i actually see on the list in wad manager is 249, and if i use that the system freezes and stops recognizing my controllers.

    i tried several other wad files.. specifically Virtual Console games..
    same thing happens.. error -2001
    i tried installing cIOS v17 and same error...

    so can someone please help me figure out which ios to use, how to install it, and maybe what i'm doing wrong, or if there is another program that will work better then wad manager 1.5

    tech specs:
    my wii has 4.1U
    drivekey has never been updated, never needed one (only game that didn't work is new super mario bros)
    hbc version showss "1.06 ios 61.2129" (about 88% sure on that ios number, can double check if needed)
    wifi connection is active, but wiiconnect24 is off.

    the only things i've installed for software is HBC and wad manager... no bootmii or anything like that because i didn't think i need it with drivekey.