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    Is it possible to make a WAD into an ISO and burn/play via usbloader (Without installing the wad?)
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    its possible, but we are a long way from coding the app to do it xD.
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    its not really ever going to be possible without super heavy patching. i had a go at this a week ago and heres what i learned...

    i started with a n64 VC of zelda. there is a partition of this in SSBB and also there is a download of it that installs as a channel from nintendo. with very minimal tweeking, you can load the VC partition in a USB loader and play VC partitions like that.

    when i extract the partition, it has a few folders named "content 2" and "content 3" and stuff like that among the files. when i extract the channel version, i get the obvious .app files. when i extract the 00000003.app (u8 archive) i get the same files that are in the "content 3 " folder of the partition version of the game.

    the roms themselves are not the same size, but close. switching the roms makes a pile of garbage that doesnt play. the main dols are completely different aside from a few parts of them.

    so what this all means is that even though it is the same game, the dol has been compiled with different libraries to get the required information for the game to run. the partition version has the "libDI" or whatever nintendo is calling it because that version of the game must be able to get its shit from the dvd. the channel version is linked with "libU8" or whatever the hell its called. because that version must be able to get its information from the u8 archives.

    in order to truely run a channel game from usb without nand emulation, you will have to patch all the hundreds of commands in the game dol so it gets its information from the DI module instead of the es/fs modules. so, since nand emulation is already working great, you can just make a coverflow version of triiforce or geckoOS and youre all done.
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    Does that mean that i can create a nand emu on the SD card and install a WAD with showmiiwads to the nand emu and make a ISO with WAD2ISO that it runs via a USB loader?

    If that is the case, i don't mind installing the wad, it beats having to use Triiforce and an USBloader.
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    The All-Stars disk contains the SNES rom of All-Stars, much like VC .wads contain the rom. (I mean, seriously, it converts to a ~16MB .wbfs file)

    If someone with know-how were to peek through what we have so far, as in:
    SSBB Zelda content
    Zelda VC content
    Mario 25th anniversary All-Stars disk content
    and the VC wad that supports the All-Stars injection

    that person might be able to figure out what's what inside of these disk based players.

    I am far from competent with Wii stuff to even try, but, someone surly could cobble it together. [​IMG]
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