vWii system Memory is full and have no way of accessing the vWii menu because of it, no matter how much items I delete.


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Jun 7, 2021
United States
Everytime I launch the vWIi menu, I get an immediate pop-up saying that my WIi system memory is full and then takes me straight to data management. I've tried to delete whatever is taking up the vWii system storage space on data management and it still gets stuck at 0 blocks open no matter if I delete anything or not. Both my Wii U and vWii are homebrewed too. At this point, my Wii and Gamecube VC-injected games are unplayable because of this annoying problem, I can't even access the system settings to format the Wii system memory nor go back to the Wii U menu as I get stuck until I completely power off the Wii U.
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