vWii emu problem (Wii64, Nintendot, Yabuse)

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  1. Shimano

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    Aug 9, 2014
    Hi guys i have this problems with emulator maybe you can give me a hand, modded my wii u using smash stack and I've installed homebrew channel but when i run wii64 emulator it won't recognize any controller any hint on what can i do to fix this ?

    Also when i run nintendont to play gc isos i select USB i choose the game ( i followed the correct guide modified .dol file and made games directory, renamed the iso to game.iso) the game starts but hangs on checking NFS and just stopped there, i need to power off the wii u and reboot in order to work again

    Also I've tried yabuse for ss when i choose the iso/bin file i get some screen full of error i don't even get to choose the iso i just hit the "choose rom" or whatever is it called and there it dies. I have installed yabuse ac_k but this doesn't work either it gives me bios.ini not found i have made a folder yabuse were i put the bios.ini file downloaded from the net still no luck.

    Mame Wii also doesn't recognize any controller it starts but i can't move anything neither the wiimote or classic controller work :(

    Rest of emulators works fine: NES, SNES, Genesis.

    Please help guys !