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    Dec 6, 2007
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    I have a 32gb sd card that i would like to fit more games on. So I have compressed the games to ciso files.
    I am using cfg usb loader as the launcher. As it supports running wii games from sd (usbloader gx didn't, wii flow was buggy last I used it, but may try it again if others have it working) along with gc games from sd.

    I am on a wii u and using this via vwii.

    I am using the sd card for both wii game and gamecube games.

    I am using cfg70r78.11 for the version.

    What's working?

    Wii Games from SD are working
    Gamecube Games that are 1:1 show up in cfg usb loader and load properly through nintendont. using games/title [123456]/game.iso
    Compressed Games booted directly from the nintendont app load fine. So nintendont does support this.

    What's not working?
    Gamecube Games that compressed to ciso but still follow the naming convention of games/title [123456]/game.iso do not show up on the menu. I have tried game.ciso as well and it doesn't pick it up either.

    I am guessing that cfg usbloader does some checks on the gc files before allowing them as loadable items. Or perhaps there is some setting you have to add before it allows compressed gamecube isos. If anyone has ran into this it would be nice to know if they were able to fix it.


    ok so found my shrunk games that were shrunk via dmtoolbox and have sd:/games/game1.iso with the sys folder having apploader.img, boot.bin, and bi2.bin.

    These are not ciso but are shrunk and are showing up in cfg usb loader and are loading with nintendont. So I will count this as a win.
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    Only Nintendont supports CISO GC games right now as far as I know. WiiFlow Light may, too.
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