Voyage Century Invites Guilds to Jump in

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    Nov 23, 2006
    As we know, guild system is an indispensable part of online MMORPG, so does the Voyage Century.

    Along with the naissance of Voyage Century--the first 3D nautical game, a crowd of players who bear the same voyage dream acquaint on the net, waiting for the stirring moment, waiting for an exciting game platform to repose their dream. They gather in the Voyage Century for the same dream and defend it with their ideal and youth, they will never give up until the spirit of Voyage illuminate the whole world.

    United by guild, players seek their dreams together. They fight with their common enemy, defend their country and city and take up and develop cities for their guild. They form firm and deep brother hood and friendship in the crude battle. And this relationship also extends to real life. This is what Voyage Century can provide with you.

    As Voyage Century close beta is going to be released recently, Voyage Century warmly invites all ambitious guilds to jump in. It is possible to provide limited closed beta accounts for guilds.

    Voyage Century certainly has a series of favorable policies for the guilds which join closed and open beta. Furthermore, it will evaluate all the guilds and reward the top 20 guilds by the time officially when Voyage Century is final released. Rewards include ship models, limited edition items and equipments in Voyage Century.

    Any guild wants to realize their Voyage dream?
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