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    Hello everyone, let's start with my deepest thank you to @migles for allowing me to become a nominee for the new President of GBAtemp. Let's not forget our founding fathers of this wonderful forum. To begin with, kiVan, who hosted and put this website into one of the big corners of the Internet. Omero, and Alexandar, who helped develop GBAtemp with kiVan. And thank you, to the ones who have protected this forum for many years: Costello and shaunj66, with the wonderful supervisors and moderators. Thank you to the reporters, the contributors...EVERY SINGLE staff member who polish this forum to polish our corner on the internet.

    We've gone so far together. Yes we have. Our economy grew threw, and also through We stayed strong and grew more; after we lost what we had back in 2011. The hackers attacked us? The HARDWORKING staff members worked together to put the pieces back together, and gave those hackers a slap to the face. Again, KUDOS to you guys.

    But now, look at the state of GBAtemp. There's a bunch of horrible threads the trolls make; just to boil the blood of the helpful members here. Look at the 3DS section, for example: "how 2 p14y P5P r0mz 0n mY 3DS?" Really? IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT 2 SEE EVERY DAY 2 DAY?
    The mods keep destroying but the destroying just makes more and more. Even on the several sections of

    What else? The criminals who have been banished from these forums, come back and spam everyone and everywhere with profanity. WTF?

    So now, let's cut to the chase. What can end these types of problems?

    A President of the GBAtemp forums, that is.

    Who will:

    • Leave borders open to registration but detected trolls shall pay $100.000.101,101 to sign up :creep:
      Make GBAtemp the greatest website on earth
      Introduce member benefits: dental, health, vision coverage (100%)
      Just read my signature that's all what u want lol

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    I have a question, will you make gbatemp EoF great?
  3. CIAwesome526

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    Mar 25, 2014
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    OBAMA 4 PREZ 2 DAY!!

    (If i dont win the election, that is!)
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