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    Jan 21, 2008
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    The "Volumetric Shadow Demo" is an NDS graphics hardware technology demo, which
    is mainly targeted towards new NDS developers, who want to see how to activate
    and utilize some of the NDS' graphics hardware features.

    * Hardware accelerated volumetric shadowing - A mini-tutorial is included with the source release!
    * Motion blur with video capture, using only one VRAM bank, at 60 FPS
    * Hardware lighting, texturing, fogging, antialiasing etc.
    * Display brightness control
    * Viewport scissoring (thanks to gabebear off the gbadev.org forum)
    * Loading binary and text files from disk (through libfat)
    * Converting .tga 24/32bit image data to 16bit nds textures
    * Displaying a custom font and a text area over a background image, all loaded from disk
    * Smooth touch input
    * Simple frame rate counting and rendering status display
    Revision 5.1:
    - Fixed the scissor class and renamed its methods.
    - Fixed fopen() usage.
    - Reduced file path to 31 (+ 1) characters and renamed some files.
    - Cleaned up glEnable() usage.
    - Added vertex and primitive list RAM usage display.
    - Added free render buffer lines display.
    - Readme has been fixed and updated.

    Revision 5.0:
    - Renamed to "Volumetric Shadow Demo"
    - Fixed input bug: textures could not be toggled.
    - Fixed: Single "include all" header style was remedied with only including
    and declaring what is needed in each compilation unit.
    - Restructured some source files.
    - Removed ARM7 source file and rearranged the project to ARM9 only. (Using
    the default ARM7 binary.)
    - Changed to unmodified default Makefile.
    - Changed the source usage "policy" a little bit.
    - Separated the tutorial from the readme.
    - Readme has been updated accordingly.

    Revision 4.0:
    - Did quite some source code clean up, rewriting and rearranging.
    - Added view and scissor box classes.
    - Added data directory support.
    - Added better error detection and handling.
    - Changed fog table generation.
    - Renamed a lot of variables and functions.
    - Added some more comments.
    - Fixed some typos in the readme and updated it.

    Revision 3.0:
    - Changed filesystem to libfat.
    - Added frame rate counter.
    - Added touch input smoothing. (Need to fix the slight drifting tendency.)
    - Fixed the fog color.
    - Rearranged and cleaned up the sources.
    - Updated and fixed the readme.
    - Cleaned up and fixed the tutorial.

    Revision 2.0:
    - Moved to devkitARM R23b.
    - Moved to libnds 20071023 and updated the code where needed.
    - Fixed the readme. (as usually)
    - Slightly changed the .pbi format - old data and routines are incompatible!
    - Fixed "odd" loading routines.
    - Fixed some minor bugs.
    - Cleaned up the sources a little bit.
    - Added some info about the .tga format in "tgaloader.cpp".
    - Added a controls overview at the bottom screen.

    Revision 1.3:
    - Fixed and rearranged some things in the readme. (again)
    - Changed the term "shadow volumes" to the more precise term "volume shadows"
    in the readme.
    - Added a mini-tutorial section.
    - Moved to libnds 20070503 and made some needed adjustments to the sources.
    - Added hardware fog.
    - Added capture support and a slight motion blur effect.
    - Added some new controls.

    Revision 1.2:
    - Fixed and rearranged some things in the readme.
    - Moved to libnds 2007050 and made some needed adjustments to the sources.
    - Removed my FIX versions of previously 'broken' libnds funktions.

    Revision 1.1:
    - Fixed and added things to the readme: additional thanks ;^D, change log,
    controls (silly me) etc.
    - Replaced the shadow volume with a better suited (and simpler) one.
    - Fixed the controls.

    ++ Initial release 1.0 ++

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    Jan 11, 2008
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    Right after I say in IRC that the DS can't have good lighting engines....
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