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    Mar 18, 2016
    I bought a second hand Vita a week ago and it was fine, i left it on my desk powered completely off since i'm waiting for the memory card to ship in.

    Until last night, the console kept turning itself on and off, and i'm not sure why it was doing that. When i try to shut it off, it just wouldn't let me cause the screen kept flickering on and off.

    Sometimes while doing this it would boot into Safe Mode, i would hit "Restart the System" and the problem still occurs.

    The only info i can find online is this video which is exactly what's happening to my system:

    While i left it doing this all night, this morning it has stopped doing it, but i'm not sure if it stopped for good. So is there any way to prevent this from happening again? What exactly is causing this?

    I was told by someone it might be the battery, but that's not the case, as it still does the same thing while charging. I also found that it might be the blue flashing light of death, but i also think its unrelated. Also im running on version 3.60
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