Vita 1.81. How to start.

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    Can someone tell me how to put some descent emulator on my Vita? I don't care for updates, I use it exclusively for MGS, but want to play Peacewalker on it and Gb/GBA emulators. So is there any rookie tutorial?
  2. Arizato

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    Jun 1, 2009
    I cannot guarantee this will work, since the Open CMA exploit may have been patched on the PS3. Buy the game on your own risk of wasting a few dollars if it doesn't work. I am just asking you not to blame me.

    1. Buy and download Mad Blocker Alpha to your PS3
    2. Download & Install Open CMA for PC from
    3. Connect your Vita to your PC and makes sure your Vita doesn't want to update (which confirms that Open CMA is working)
    4. Unplug your Vita
    5. Plug the Vita into your PS3 and make sure it doesn't want to update (Open CMA doing it's magic)
    6. Transfer Mad Blocker Alpha from your PS3 to your Vita
    7. Unplug the Vita from your PS3
    8. Plug in your Vita to your PC
    9. Download this: extract it and find Mad_Blocker_Alpha.7z
    10. Extract Mad_Blocker_Alpha.7z
    11. Copy the folder named "NPUZ00210CPMEM" to My Documents/PS Vita/PSSAVEDATA/*Random numbers and letters* If you have more than one folder in PSSAVEDATA, copy the "NPUZ00210CPMEM" folder to all of them to be sure.
    12. Transfer the Mad Blocker Alpha save from your PC to your Vita.
    13. Run Mad Blocker Alpha and load the save. You should now be in ARK CFW. Read up on how to get FTP For Vita to transfer emulators/games.
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    Pretty sure that Total_Noob's CFW is more recommended than ARK. ;)
  4. Arizato

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    Jun 1, 2009
    Depends. The latest version of TN-V is really buggy. I would recommend ARK until TN-V v4 is out.