Visoly Advanced Gear on Mac OSX

Discussion in 'GBA - Flashing Hardware and Software' started by chavosaur, Jul 15, 2012.

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    Im using a mac on OSX, and I'm thinking of trading to get a gba flash cart (flash advance extreme) but I want to make sure ill be able to get this flash cart to transfer files and whatnot on my mac. I couldn't find any topics related to the mac and the Visoly Advanced Gear so will it actually work on my mac?
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  2. finkmac

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    If it doesn't work with OS X, there is always Parallels/VMWare/VirtualBox…
  3. FAST6191

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    As a rule of thumb for GBA carts if it does not use SD or CF of some form then at this point in time you will be digging out an XP box or running a virtual machine and figuring out how to forward USB/serial/parallel (delete as appropriate) to it. If it does use a SD or CF you are probably still better off with an XP box but virtual machines and even compatibility layers like WINE or windows 7 compatibility can probably be bashed into shape or just for GBA you can use one of the other patching programs (supercards aside everything on the GBA uses a generic patch for almost all games as far as saving goes).

    To my knowledge nothing in the GBA world ever supported a mac (nowhere near enough users to bother with) even among those few that did get third party. However if you do find something from the time on the subject do not be too put off as virtual machines and compatibility layers had not come along half as much as they have done in recent years and even forwarding a USB port was a big ask.
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