Visit some youtube channels you have not been on for a while. What is happening?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
Got to love those descriptive titles.
Anyway general idea is visit a youtube channel you have not been on for a while but used to frequent a lot, years is better than months but I appreciate 8 years might be longer than some of you have had free reign to watch things.
I have never had an account on any video site and instead use bookmarks (if youtube asks you to sign in to view then put nsfw in front of the youtube bit, as in
or download a plugin.
Anyway being bookmarks it seems I have a wide collection of various youtube favicons, that and as most of them are user names rather than the random gibberish that most channels link to.

Anyway Film Riot.
Video editing has been a hobby of mine for years now (got to find a way to cut together skateboard videos as a kid, and then fix badly mastered DVDs). These guys taught that and film making.
Not sure why I dropped off watching them. They suffered a bit under the implosion of revision3 (one of the bigger old content distribution networks, backed by discovery channel) it seems but are still plugging along.
Many of their uploads don't clock 100K views despite subs north of a million but much the same as they were, albeit with better gear and more experience, though less frequent uploads.
Used to do all sorts of fun kitchen chemistry/builds. Still does some things like that but more arts and crafts now.
Did a lot of machining, car and some electronics fiddling.
Seems he committed suicide. Oh well. Had some good stuff when he was active.
Rose up up channel awesome/that guy with the glasses.
Still seems to be doing film reviews. Don't know if that is the primary upload location but now very high view counts these days despite being consistent.
Once a rising star of the woodwork videos on youtube. Don't know if it was being uploaded both in French and English that stopped his stuff being suggested. Still seems to be doing good woodwork though.
On religion then in the words of a favourite song "started out with nothing, still got most of it left". Still does not mean I ignore what religious types say and things they might argue. This guy (though since joined by his brother) is one of the really old school atheist channels and still doing good work it seems.
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