#VirtualFest, Celebrates the Nintendo Virtual Boy 20 year Anniversary

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    It has been 20 years since the Virtual Boy was released in 1995. A unique system for its time, the VB production run was brought to an abrupt end taking with it an entire second generation of software. In recent years, the homebrew and reproduction community has breathed new life into Nintendo's quirky "virtual reality" 3D console. This same community is now celebrating the VB's 20 year anniversary in style, with the release of new homebrew, ROM hacks, and all things red-and-black related throughout the year.

    The first projects to be announced include a full ROM level hack of Bullet Proof Software's officially unreleased game Faceball and a Halloween themed level hack for Insmouse No Yakata. Guy Perfect has also announced an update to the VB Sacred Tech Scroll and an audio architecture and composer for Virtual Boy software.

    For more information and to keep up with the discussion, check the link below.

    :arrow: #VirtualFest Project Registry
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