Virtual Tennis Fantasy Game made in PHP/JQuery/Ajax/MySQL

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    For those who were here when I showed some of the things that I worked upon, and for those who haven't seen them

    Here are some of them

    School System (already in use by my community center)
    - Admin/Student Panel
    - Enrollments for students
    - Assessment creation
    - Downloading assignment qns & uploading answers by student
    - Messaging
    - News Posting

    Clinic System
    - Adding test with costs
    - Patient and staff addition (technician/receptionist/admin)
    - Hospitals and credits patients
    - Giving test appointments
    - Giving results for individual tests
    - Patients viewing their own reports
    - Plenty of reports like patient wise,test wise, appointment date ranges etc

    - Order processing
    - Shopping Cart with order history
    - Admin panel products adding, order handling and report

    The latest one is a simple tennis management system/game. My brother wanted to create a tennis tournament game with
    points giving and taking based on rounds won round
    participants, seeds and seed slots for tours
    Week and duration of tours
    male and female points and ranking

    Its a one-player/user system so if you want one for yourself, you gotta deploy it on your system/website


    If anyone wants any of these for his own sake or school work, pm me or whatever

    School -student
    U: Haji
    P: 123
    admin -
    U: Shakir
    P: 123

    U: shakir
    U: reception
    U: technician (for test results input)

    P: mole (for all accounts)

    Ecommerce - admin (
    U: admin