Virtual Console release vs Originals: Impact on price

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    anyone know what happens to the price of the original, physical cartridge when big N chooses to release the same title on the virtual console? evidence is highly appreciated but not entirely required
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    Feb 13, 2015
    Gamers who are interested in the gameplay are happy to have a reasonably priced alternative which also supports the original (if they weren't already emulating), while fans of the original console experience and scalpers aka collectors point and laugh!
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    By Virtual Console, do you mean things like Game Boy or Game Boy Advance games? Because these products have been discontinued, the cartridges don't really have an official price any more. The remaining physical media from second-hand stores or flea markets aren't really affected in terms of pricing when their respective titles are released on VC.

    For example, Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow went for £15-£30 on the markets months ago and the price hasn't changed despite the VC announcement. The same goes for older systems like Super Mario Bros. on the NES. Less popular titles might be different. I haven't really checked online prices but presume the situation is similar.
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