Virtual Console Nostalgia

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  1. directive0

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    Aug 15, 2006
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    I just took a look at the new titles and I just gotta say this, "Hell ya!"

    I was in no way under-privileged as a kid, its just my parents never bought me any systems except for a gameboy I got on my 10th birthday, they didn't believe in them. I had never owned a NES, Genesis, Etc but I would go to my neighbours house almost everyday after school, pushing aside his genesis (HE HAD 2 SYSTEMS!! You don't even have to ask if I tried to use this as an arguing point against my rents) and opting instead for his NES with Mario 3. Mario was my obsession, there were few games that gave that adrenaline high when you had executed the perfect timing and cleared the level effortlessly, collecting all the secrets and grabbing the right card. It was my crack! I wanted my own system, I wanted to be able to play on my own terms. Time went by, and Christmas mornings came and went, never with any Nintendo branded goodies.

    And then, Nintendo released their Super Nintendo.

    It was on vacation at a friends house down in Naples Florida where I saw Mario World for the first time. The graphics so smooth and new, the sounds so crisp and authentic. I still get a kick out of the "pop" sound that the SNES is capable of producing, you know the one I mean. When this game was being played I was a zombie. I HAD to have it. I slaved for months mowing lawns, raking leaves, doing what I could to try and work up enough money to get this system just for the new Mario. In the end, I never made enough money. And time passed as such that the SNES and Mario became secondary objectives in my life. I'm older now, I've got a source of income, my own life. Sure I've had this rom for some time now, and I've beaten it a couple times...and this may seem completely irrational, but I am GOING TO BUY MARIO WORLD, I owe a little bit of money to Nintendo for the years of indirect joy it gave me. Things have finally come full circle.

    See, this is where the genius in Virtual Console really comes into play in my opinion. They know we had these games, they know we've played them, some of us may even still have the cartridges ready to go. But they also know that for some of the middle ground aged gamers these titles are chemically tied to some of our earliest and most coveted memories and experiences. We are helpless but to want them, because when we were just little brats there was nothing cooler.

    Anyone else have a title like this they will be all but powerless to resist?
  2. Sick Wario

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    very well said. Nintendo just has that 'history' than sony and microsoft will never be able to capture. $8 for the 2d masterpiece SMW should be a bargain in anyone's eyes.
    the way i see it, the virtual console is almost totally overshadowing the actual wii game releases! i was more excited to play mario kart 64 last week than i was when i got warioware.
    the feeling of recaptured youth is priceless, but nintendo has shown us the price in wii shop points

    now i will buy mario world ASAP today, as soon as i can find a store that's NOT sold out of wii points cards and everything with a 'wii' label on it
    until then i'll be playing MK64 time trials!! [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. 2cb2ct7

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    Jan 5, 2007
    Man I want a Wii!

    Australia has been completely without stock since launch!
  4. [M]artin

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    Nov 7, 2006
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    Yeah, the Virtual Console is also great because it takes newer gamers from the current generation (& casual gamers alike) and it uses it's vast collection of classic games as sort of a teaching tool. It shows new gamers how games nowadays are taken for granted and how dated games can still provide excitement and entertainment in this day and age. Look at the Virtual Console as a history teacher of sorts... [​IMG]
  5. directive0

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    Aug 15, 2006
    Toronto, Ont.
    my only beef with teh virtual console:

    It lets me use my GC controller for SNES games, but mario is a three fingered job with it. UNACCEPTABLE!!! Gotta go buy a classic controller soon [​IMG]
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    I finally broke down today and bought 2000 Wii Points. I got Mario Kart 64 (the only Mario Kart I don't own) and Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis and still have 200 points left. There were a bunch more I wanted but the prices still seem a little steep for me. Hopefully, as time goes by, Nintendo will lower the prices of the games that have been available for awhile.
  7. kutis

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    Jun 1, 2006
    hear hear...

    i feel u man.. but for me, it's the original zelda,.. i was too young to understand nintendo then... most nostalgic for me, probably the SNES, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario, heck even Dragon Ball (i still remember Up + X + Down + B + L + Y + R + A)

    anyone knows where i can get the wii points in aus? went to JB hifi this afternoon.. the dude there told me to check again next week...