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    Should be region free. This apparently belongs to the "better with kinect" category (that I can recall that category was filled by the recent Harry Potter game)

    Apparently this is not another "annual entry in the sports game franchise" type play but one that saw a bit of work go into it.

    Borrowing the Amazon description
    As spring hits and tennis fever takes over the world, top tennis stars warm up and head for the courts to battle it out and be crowned No 1. Relive the tension and excitement with Virtua Tennis 4 by taking on the likes of tennis heroes; Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Andy Murray, Juan Martin Del Porto and Caroline Wozniacki. Experience the same intense drama as you build up your Match Momentum gauge, and revel in your form as your player grows in confidence.

    Virtua Tennis 4 takes the series to a higher level of realism with Kinect compatibility, pushing the tennis genre forward yet again. Exciting new features such as a refreshing World Tour experience means every decision you make both on and off the court, will affect your path. You'll never experience the same career twice!

    One French trailer (it was either that or gamespot preview- I did you a favour)


    Run like Nadal on the court!
    Enjoy the mini skirt of Sharapova!
    Great action on the court!
    In this great tennis game!
    Online tennis!
    Never bored with the mini games!
    Fund your hard earned juarez dollars this week to chernobyl!
    Really was something horrible 25 years ago!
    Easy to forget :-(
    Easy to donate @
    PS: read the first letter of every sentence and you know our nfo is rocking once again
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