Virtua Tennis 2009 Freezes.

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    May 1, 2009
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    Hi everyone [​IMG],

    It seems I'm having some trouble with Virtua Tennis 2009. I've tried a backup on DVD-R and USB flash drive. It seems it loads up. But once I get past the "Press A+B" screen, the next screen just freezes. The screen does have the animation going on, but the music plays for only 5 seconds then repeats. I could only burn the DVD-R at 4x speed. My burner doesn't support any lower. My other backup copies have always been running great.

    Last, hopefully I posted this in the right section. Thanks. [​IMG]
  2. bl00dclaat

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    Jan 16, 2008
    I get past the start screen, am able to select players & venue but get stuck at the vs loading screen. The loading animation just loops infinitely. I was on sysmenu 3.4 before and tried cios 10,12,13a,13b,222,223. All gave the same error. I updated to sysmenu 4.0 & tried all cios's again and still the same error. If anyone knows how to get this game to run please help us out.

    - Virtua Tennis was installed from a ciso file using wuyou.
    - I used usbloader GX & wiiflow as my loaders.
    - Grand Slam Tennis worked just fine through all my tests.
    - I've backed up my nand from bootmii before doing all this so I can revert to 3.4 easily.


    EDIT: I got it to work. I re-downloaded a full(unscrubbed) iso. And installed from that & it works fine now even on cios r13b.
    So you can't install virtua tennis from a scrubbed/ciso, it must be a full iso.
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    Oct 15, 2007
    Strainge you guys can't get this to work as iv not hear of any one else with problems expet however the wmp instructional video which crashes the game when selected , but other than that game works fine both on dvd and usb with rev 12 and eny usbloader really.