[Video]Solution of 3.0J & Wiikey setup disc

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by ghosthk, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. ghosthk

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    Feb 11, 2007
    Hong Kong
  2. Vulpix

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    Just posting to confirm as well. My wiikey is fine with my Jap wii as well after update and I have no problems.
  3. wesbc

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    Aug 7, 2007
    United States
    Can someone guide me on how to upgrade the Jap version of the Wii. I have 2.2J. Just got this recently and do not have network setup on it. As far as I know it has the wiikey installed. If I have to wait for a new JPN game, where can I find info on which game will include the firmware?