Video: how easy it is for devs to program on Wii

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    AiLive LiveMove

    Instead of complicated programming, developers need only take a few minutes to train the Wii Remote by examples. LiveMove lets developers focus directly on creative work without the burden of onerous coding requirements, helping them quickly unleash the potential of WiiTM.

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    Ok, this is in fact nothing else but a "Black Box Tool" to recognize motion. Nothing bad in fact it's a nice thing to have but it's not something "blistering" in the end for a programmer. You use also OpenGL to send 3d-meshes to a 3d-card instead of sending all the low level commands to the X-Server yourself [​IMG]
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    Very interesting although I am trying desperately hard not to compare it to voice recog. software which without care (what limits does it program in and how close do I have to mimic) is what the remote could become in my opinion.
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    I don't like this program, because it doesn't make use of the Wiimote's full potential, which means that if the controls of a game are entirely made with this program, it won't be much different than simple button pressing...all this program does is mapping motions of the controller to pre-made actions in the game, which would make the controls in games much like the swordfights in Red Steel: instead of converting YOUR motions to motions of the character in the game, you only trigger actions in the game which the character then executes...for example, you swing your Wiimote like a sword, and instead of doing the same motion you did on the screen, the character executes a move which might be much different than what you did...

    I want games which make you feel like your hand is inside the TV, like Jurassic Park: Trespasser...if you don't know that game, you should watch a gameplay video of it (there are plenty on YouTube)
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    Well I don't see why AiLive or perhaps something simular could not be implemented into a game itself, allowing you to "program" or "teach" the wiimote yourself. In fact I bet somethig like this will be implemented at some point in time. In anycase anything that makes development easier is a blessing imo. Further more I imagine that the moves can be custimized to a degree to allow a degree of simularity from the programmed moves - at least one would hope. So all in all I think it's a great addition. Just can't wait to get my hands on something like this for Wii development. [​IMG]