Video Game Themes that cover real songs and vice versa

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    Just discovered that a lot of soundtracks used in video games aren't that original :unsure:
    Take a listen:
    Compare Mario Kart 8's Thwomp Ruin's Theme (starting at 0:32)

    With Apache from The Shadows (0:10)

    Another case Nintendo went copycat:
    Check out the Boweser Battle Theme at the beginning

    and compare it with the percussive beat from Krafterk's "The Robots" at 0:29

    Very interesting. And yet Nintendo is crying when YouTubers mod their games...

    This has happened vice versa here. A band called "Broken Glass Heroes" decided to cover Ocarina of Time's Kakariko Village Theme:

    Sega also decided to rip Kraftwerk's sound:
    Go to 0:06

    0:06 as well:

    Compare Donkey Kong Country 2's "Mining Melancholy" with Kraftwerk's (yet again) version of "Metal on Metal" from 1991.

    I quickly notice such things especially when others use melodies of my favorite band.
    There's also an older Rock n Roll song that seems to be the original of Mario Kart 64's "Kalimari Desert" theme but I neither know the Name of the song or the Band :(
    Maybe you can help us there
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    Except X3's composer went on to say it was just a coincidence, and that she'd never heard of Guns and Roses prior to working on X3.